Bovinejar- Best Animal Food

BEEF dog Treats

Beef Dog Treats, in particular beef jerky (100% muscle beef) and beef liver dog treats are fantastic iron rich sources.Buy our beef dog treats here and make your dog healthy and happy!

Bovinejar- Best Animal Food

Beef Cube Dog Treats

Beef Cubes 100g are made from beef lung sourced from approved domestic and export meat processors. Beef cubes / beef lung is an important inclusion in your dog’s food as a healthy meat diet requires 5-10% of offal by weight per day.

Bovinejar- Best Animal Food

Cow hooves dog treat

Cow hooves and cow horns have similar nutritional compositions. On average crude protein makes up over 90% of the cow hoove.  Like bones, the major minerals are calcium and phosphorus which are 100% bio-available once cleaved off.

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