About Us

Bovinejar are the Best Pet Treats Producer

We Care for our Work!

Bovinejar are processing in our own well-developed pet food factories.Our Bully Stick are 100% Natural And Bacteria Free.
Bovinejar is one of the Reputed pet food company in Sub-Continental & Our business started since 2012 by producing Degreased crushed
bone and steamed hooves.Our Bullysticks are natural flavor,freshness and Digestible which is very Popular as Pet Chews.
Our 100% digestible and nutritious Bully Stick keeps a dog busy for a long while, and give a satisfying chewing experience with actual nutrition.
We started Bovinejar.com because we Love Dogs and we Care about the Treats we give them.We know what it means wanting the best for your Dog and that’s why we only sell the Natural products behind with your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


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