Bovinejar- Best Animal Food

Bovinejar- Best Animal Food



BULL PIZZLE / Beef Bully Sticks / Beef Pizzle

Also known as Beef Pizzle / BULL PIZZLE. These sticks are similar but tougher than roo tendons. Because these sticks are as natural as possible (no preservatives or colouring) and are slightly flattened for drying, this means they are easily eaten by almost any sized dog.

These sticks are also available in economical 500g and 1 Kg bags.  While we keep the bully sticks in those bulk bags as we receive from the supplier, we cut most of them in half to fit in the 100g packs. So the sticks are usually 100- 180 mm in length.

Your dog will love them because they are 100% beef and the longest chewing beef meat part (often equal with the beef tendon). Any breed medium dog (not old) and Large dogs will love them.


Date: February 2018

Client: A big Company

Place: Greece