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Spring Bully Sticks

Spring Bully Sticks


Trimmed, cleaned and dried to perfection.

These dog treats suit the hardest chewing dogs and are meant to be a full sized natural long lasting dog treat that many dogs won’t even get much off (ie they will last a long time) ! Because they are animal based and 100% natural the act of chewing on them, much like they will on a bone, gives immense satisfaction.

Some people use them for the same reason as bones or jerkys, to assist natural removal of teeth tartar and plaque that can occur because of feeding of soft pellets or wet food to a dog.

As always we recommend watching how your particular dog chews on these treats to ensure they have safe consumption.


Category: Bully Stick, Spring Bully Sticks

Date: February 2018

Client: A big Company

Place: Greece


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